Airbag Rotary Connector Lubricants

Automotive steering wheels for passenger cars and light to medium trucks typically have crash triggered inflatable air bag devices as part of their occupant safety systems. To assure a reliable path for an electrical signal to reach the air bag inflation firing unit, a solid wire connection is used. Because the steering wheel rotates relative to the instrument panel, a device looking much like the main spring on a mechanical watch is used for this function from which the name "Clock Spring" or rotary connector has evolved.

This conductor or tape often contains additional discrete parallel electrical conductors for cruise control, radio, and HVAC system steering wheel controls. The winding and unwinding of the multi- conductor tape (clock spring) typically generates noises and sounds considered objectionable in today’s very quiet vehicle interiors. The sliding of the tape on the housings and other rotating hub interfaces generate wear issues.

Lubricant selection parameters include: high/low operating temperature range, absolute torque/force specifications, component materials, and lubricant oil separation and migration qualities.

Product Damping Temperature PTFE Size Silicone Elastomer Compatibility
NS-9388-G Medium -50°C to +125°C None No
NS-410-G Light -50°C to +125°C Small + Large No
NS-8201-G Medium -40°C to +150°C Small No
NS-11501-G Light -40°C to +130°C Small Yes
NS-40018-GL2 Light -65°C to +125°C Small No

Airbag Rotary Connector
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