Standard Packaging
For the most cost effective volume sized orders, Syn-Tech Ltd. provides the following standard container sizes for greases and fluids:




Small volume dispensers provide an economical way to apply a small amount of grease on your application. Whether you need a container with a precise application tip or a single use disposable container, the following pre-filled containers eliminate the need for your employee to re-fill the container in your factory. Eliminating the labor intensive tasks of measuring and handling materials while minimizing skin contact, material exposure, and contamination, while reducing waste and ensuring proper application amount. Syn-Tech Ltd. can suggest an in-house refilling apparatus for purchasing in bulk and filling your own dispenser in-house.


Plastic Jars

Manual Dispensers
The following dispensers are economical for single use manual application. These pre-filled small volume containers offer a simple to use, cost effective, easy to dispose method of application.
  • Squeezable 'toothpaste' type tubes
  • Polypropylene jars
  • Metal jars and cans
  • Hand dispenser syringes and adapters to fill Leur Lock and Leur slip syringes
  • Plastic and cardboard grease gun cartridges, disposable, better control, and easy clean up.
  • Plastic applicator tip bottles.
  • Saran™ single use packs provide various dispensing tear off tips. .5ML - 30ML.

Squeezable Tubes

Hand Dispenser Syringes

Grease Gun Cartridges

Pillow Packs

Automated Dispensers
Syn-Tech Ltd. can help you choose a multiple-use system for precise application of your lubricant, and we recommend plastic cartridges and syringes. These cartridges can be adapted to either pneumatic or manual dispensing systems. The use of cartridges and syringes reduce air entrapment during filling and dispensing and reduce problems with dripping or stringing during dispensing. The inserted plungers allow filling from the dispensing end, reducing the potential for air entrapment and improving the production rate. Syn-Tech Ltd. can also de-aerate grease to add extra assurance.
  • Plastic cartridges- 1 oz. – 1/10 gallon sizes
  • Nozzles – bent, fillet, ribbon, smoothing tools, needle application tips for gages 14 – 30
  • Grease guns 1 oz. – 32 oz.
  • EFD syringes 3 cc – 55 cc sizes with wide-range of tips – general purpose,
    flexible polypropylene, teflon-lined crimped smooth-flow tapered, oval and brush tips
Private Label Packaging
Enhance your product with professional personal packaging. When you need to supply custom labeled lubricants for your customers, distributors, field-service, Syn-Tech Ltd. can provide your specific labeling and packaging needs. We have resources available to help you with your printing and design needs.




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