Silicone Damping Lubricants

Silicone damping lubricants are used to provide motion control, noise reduction and smooth feel. When compared to hydrocarbon based lubricants, silicones have excellent temperature-viscosity characteristics, higher shear stability, water resistance and better low temperature performance. They provide a superior protective film between moving parts ensuring quiet mechanical operation and smooth action over a wider range of environmental conditions. These enhanced qualities extend service life of the mechanism.

The 40000 series damping fluids and greases were developed by Syn-Tech Ltd. to provide a smooth feel to mechanisms such as sliding or rotating switches, optical equipment such as surveying sights, microscopes, or any device that needs motion control, noise damping and a “quality” feel. These products are formulated using the highest quality “plastics friendly” silicone fluids and non-melting thickeners to meet a wide range of damping requirements and operating temperatures.

The lubricants in this series are available as:

  • A fluid (-F suffix)
  • A PTFE thickened grease for enhanced "smooth feel" and wear protection (-G suffix)
  • A fumed silica thickened grease with a translucent appearance (-H suffix)

Custom colors and viscosities from 1cSt to 1,000,000 cSt are available upon request.


Silicone Damping Lubricants Tech Sheet



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