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NSN 9150-00-506-8497

Fortified with extreme pressure, antiwear and corrosion additives, this lubricant was designed for extreme gear coupling applications under high temperature, high rpm and heavy loads with potential for misalignment and exposure to harsh environmental conditions.  Applications include gear couplings for helicopters, gearboxes, splines, differentials, and screw jacks.

Description Spec. Temperature Range °C
Ester, Clay Thickened Bell Helicopter - 204-040-755-055 -40 to 176



A high load capacty semi-fluid grease designed for helicopter gearboxes.  Fortified with extreme pressure, antiwear and corrosion additives for extreme stability under high centrifugal rotational speeds.  Applicatons include gearboxes, couplings, drives and bearings.

Description Spec. Temperature Range °C
Ester, Li complex thickened Hughes/McDonnell Douglas HMS 20-1155 -54 to +135


NSN 9150-00-823-8049

A versatile, extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-fretting lubricant. Fortified with molybdenum disulfide and graphite to protect metal surfaces during periods of high loads and extreme pressure. Excellent water washout, rust and oxidation resistance with good mechanical stability. Applications include splines and similar applications.

Description Spec. Temperature Range °C
Petroleum, Clay thickened Sundstrand MP01AA10 -20 to +150


NSN 9150-01-411-6545

O-ring lubricant. Used to lubricate O-rings prior to pressing them into cavities, preventing chafing or tearing of the O-ring surface. It is also used as an assembly and to "stick hold" parts together in multi- component mechanisms such as gearboxes, pumps and engine accessories.

Description Spec. Temperature Range °C
Methacrylate polymer Sundstrand 57622 -


NS-5806-G is a non-melting extreme pressure grease designed for lubrication of aircraft slides and bearings. Fortified with molybdenum disulfide for excellent protection of sliding steel on steel against wear and seizure. Gelled with a non-melting bentonite thickener for extended operation at high temperature.

Description Spec. Temperature Range °C
Ester, Clay thickened Hamilton Sundstrand MS02.63 -73 to 150




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