Synthetic Hydrocarbon Damping Lubricants

Mechanical damping greases are used to provide motion control, noise reduction and smooth feel between moving parts ensuring quiet mechanical operation and smooth action. Properly selected damping greases solve your design problems by retaining damping qualities over the operating temperature range of the application, resisting internal shear, friction reduction and reduction of wear between moving parts. These enhanced qualities extend service life of the mechanism.

Damping greases are properly selected on the specific design problem and the degree of damping required. The base oil viscosity, additives, and thickeners control the degree of damping. Other design considerations should include material compatibility, operating temperature range and cost.

The 50000 series damping greases were developed by Syn-Tech Ltd. to provide a smooth feel to mechanisms such as sliding or rotating switches, optical equipment such as surveying sights and microscopes, or any device that needs motion control, noise damping, or smooth feel. Formulated using the highest quality plastics friendly synthetic hydrocarbon fluids and non-melting thickener to meet a wide range of damping requirements and operating temperatures, the 50000 series of greases is versatile in that they also provide antiwear, E.P., and corrosion protection. They are also available with PTFE or molybdenum disulfide for enhanced smooth feel. Custom viscosities and colors are available upon request.


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