Lubricants that Provide Solutions

Syn-Tech Ltd. was founded in 1968 on the principle that every unique design requires a uniquely designed lubricant. We work together with design engineers from all industries to formulate and manufacture unique lubricants, based on their component designs.

Our focus is on improving reliability and extending the operating life of customer products.

As a proven custom lubricant supplier in we have extensive experience designing and manufacturing lubricants for most industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Food - NSF Certified
  • Medical
  • Recreation
  • Marine

We offer a full range of oils, additives and thickeners with the engineering expertise to formulate the most efficient lubricant for customer component operating conditions.

Why Use Custom Lubricants?

Moving parts operate under circumstances that are unique to each situation, including the effects of its environment, load, frequency of use, coefficient of expansion, surrounding stresses, heat transfer rates, and other load factors affecting operation in distinctive ways. We recognize that there is no need to over engineer and spend more time and money than is necessary for managing your specific lubricity demands.

Regardless if it’s minimizing wear, protecting against corrosion, or reducing friction, Syn-Tech Ltd. has a solution.

Our quality standard is consistency of product!

We use a variety of chemical and tribological tests on each lubricant during its design and sample delivery phase to ensure customer application temperature and load requirements are met. Our quality control process then ensures product consistency from batch to batch.

Offering a range of product packaging.

We package from small pillow packs to 3,000-pound totes and sizes in between with syringes, tubes, buckets and various-sized drums. All our products are available for private labeling for field service kits, distributors or customers who want to market and sell their own brand of lubricants.

Let us know about your specific lubricant challenge, and we’ll share how we can help you improve component operating performance.